Welcome to Andromeda Resort, a haven of relaxation for the traveller.

The Andromeda team is here to help you enjoy the moments that matter most, the moments that you have been dreaming of all year. Whether you are creating new memories with friends and family, or simply spending time alone, we are here to bring people together for real, human connections. Here, the clock ticks in a different manner. Take a moment to relax. Breathe deeply. Allow a smile to brighten your face and give your stress the chance to escape. At Andromeda Resort, this wonderful retreat in the Aegean, comfort and care will be your companions. During your stay here, you will take in the mesmerizing view which will arouse your senses. The hill of Saint George, the Chora (central village) and the Venetian Castle stand proudly right before your eyes. Enjoy the feeling of happiness from the very first minute of your stay. Simple, heartwarming happiness. Breathe in the sea breeze and feel rejuvenation flirt with tranquility, the perfect summer combination. Sense the positive vibes in our Aegean architecture, which will offer you the ideal getaway.